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Scholar Overseas Education Consultancy is a prominent education consultancy firm aiding aspiring students, be it undergraduate, graduate or post graduate to achieve the objective of getting into their dream college abroad.

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Why Study Abroad?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

It is said that education is a key to open the door for a better life. It has the power to not only create knowledge, but also build confidence and break down barriers to opportunity.While education is irreplaceable, the benefits of global education are equally manifold.

Study abroad gives you the opportunity to travel and see the world. Nothing can replace the experience of getting to see new cultures, new languages, exploring new places, making new friends, and all this while you pursue world class education at your dream college. Read More



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We Have Been Counselling Students For Educational Opportunities In Foreign Countries

Our vision, mission and Core Values

The young and vibrant team at Scholar Overseas Education Consultancy is committed to being an integral part of your study abroad journey by providing transparent and in-depth comprehensive counselling. Our aim is to build confidence in students to meet the challenging process of studying abroad by making it simple and easy.

Each student is unique and so are their dreams. We at Scholar Overseas believe that every student is important and assist with utmost care in each and every facet of the study abroad process.We strive to provide one stop solution to all study abroad needs keeping in mind the best interests of the student.

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I joined Scholar Overseas Education Consultancy. She trained me for almost 3 months. I was quite comfortable with grammar but not as much as I am now. It was all possible because of her help. Also apart from grammar, I couldn't speak English at all. So she used to correct me whenever I used to say anything wrong and she used to do it in such a way that I never felt bad or embarrassed. The entire batch had an immeasurable bond with ma'am and those were the best times. She made teaching so much fun for all of us. It was a privilege to get a friend in a teacher.

Anuj Jethva

The Scholar Overseas Education Consultancy is excellent. The method of teaching is really good and the faculty has full experience of how to train students for the most difficult tasks. All our doubts are always made easier and that's the best part. All the staff members guide us on how we can gain our scores. This academy has helped me a lot in the stepping stone of my life. I can't thank Chitra ma'am enough for all the efforts she put into me.

Jay Solanki

Scholar Overseas Education Consultancy is literally the best mentor for IELTS studies. I always needed a kind of teacher who would clear all my doubts without losing their patience and I could fortunately find that trait in her. She would always encourage me to ask questions. She would help me with my doubts even when she's running out of time. Moreover, the environment that I found in the english gurukul was like no other. Everyone is always ready to help each other and the faculty is extremely friendly.

Fenali Shahpura

Mentors are always there for students and Chitra ma'am is one of those mentors who will stay with the students until they achieve the goal. When I first joined she taught me from the beginning and took me to the highest score of mine. The best thing about ma'am is that she always pushes us towards betterment. Particularly, I needed a lot of help in my writing skill. If it wasn't for her, i wouldn't have been able to get 6.5 bands. The english gurukul has supported me in a way nobody ever could.

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